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FOMO, The Gambler's Fallacy, And The Downside To Playing The Same Lottery Numbers Every Time
“There’s a false sense of control that goes on, where people think they have the ability to predict things and the ability to control outcomes,” said Ercole.

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NJ Powerball Winner Claims $222.6 Million Jackpot; Mega Millions Jackpot Still Unclaimed
The Lotto Matrix: No More Bologna, Publix Power, Powerball Jackpot, Missed Fortunes & More
Multi-State Lottery Association Announces New Leadership, Product Expansions
Texas Lottery Commission Allegedly Helped Facilitate $95 Million Jackpot Win Amid Controversy
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Mega Millions Jackpot Cracks $200M At End Of Week With Two Washington Lottery Millionaires
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All Eyes On The Mega Millions Prize This Week Following Powerball Win In Ohio
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Powerball, Mega Millions Set To Duel Over Jackpot Pole Position This Week
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Over $100M Up For Grabs In Both Powerball And Mega Millions This Weekend

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