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gavel wedding rings

Firsthand Reflections From A Lottery Winner’s Divorce Trial

Mike Tierney

We did not have much legal precedent to rely on. Back then, the lottery was not included in guidelines for determining alimony amounts.

gavel money

Mega Millions Nightmare: Billion-Dollar Lottery Winner Embroiled In Family Feuds And Legal Battles

Erik Gibbs

The $1.35 billion win quickly set off a contentious chain of events, and "John Doe" is squabbling with his father and his daughter's mom.

A pile of lottery cards and balls

Feel-Good Friday: Unusual, Uplifting Stories Abound Among The Latest Lottery Winners

Erik Gibbs

Recent lottery wins show that a run of luck can happen to anyone, anywhere, and sometimes in the strangest of ways.

cheng saephan powerball winner

Man Fighting Cancer Among Winners Of $1.3 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Eric Raskin

Cheng "Charlie" Saephan had received his latest chemotherapy treatment just a week before the winning Powerball draw.

Latoyar Waddell kentucky lottery winer

Quite A Ride: Kentucky Woman Turns $50 Into $50K, Can’t Drive Home

Eric Raskin

Latoyar Waddell of Kentucky was so floored by winning on a scratch-off ticket that she felt unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.

money fanned out

The Weirdest And Wildest Ways Lottery Winners Have Spent Their Windfalls

Matt Bell

Lottery winners with money to burn can burn it in ways that run the gamut, from wacky business ventures to head-scratching splurges.

reddit lottery thread

15 People Fantasize About $1.23 Billion Jackpot, From Mundane To Lizard Farms

Brett Smiley

At least half of the fun of purchasing a lottery ticket is imagining the freedom a win would have the power to purchase. 

lottery lawsuits

Four Legendary Lottery-Triggered Lawsuits

Evan Lambert

Sudden wealth, and greed, and the freedom or lifestyle a boatload of money can buy has the power to make people lash out and file suit.

spin class

What Lessons Can We Learn From Spin-Instructor-Turned-Idaho-Powerball-Lottery Winner Brad Duke?

Evan Lambert

The spin instructor didn't stop pedaling when he hit the $220 million jackpot and stands out to this day as a great lottery success story.

lottery results

Young Money: Stories Behind People Four Young People Who Struck Lotto Gold

Christian Holmes

It’s an age-old truism: The youth is the key to the future. For lottery purveyors worldwide, the same applies. In ...

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