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Nebraska Store Manager Will ‘Get The Book Thrown At Him’ For Alleged Lottery Fraud, Lawyer Says

Christian Holmes

"I can’t imagine a way he comes out of this situation scot-free," an attorney said. "I would think prosecutors would demand some jail time."

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Global Online Lottery Market To Grow By Over 50% By 2032, Report Says

Erik Gibbs

Projections by indicate an expansion from $11 billion in 2023 to an estimated $17.7 billion by 2032.

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Longtime Lottery Directors Oppose Anonymity Option For Winners, But They’re Losing That Fight

John Brennan

"The winner awareness proves that people are winning, and the less we can do that, the more people may start to distrust us."

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Ups And Downs Of Lottery Play Can Be ‘Very Addictive Form Of Conditioning,’ Expert Says

Evan Lambert

“People believe the longer you play without a win, the more likely you are to win big. That is a very addictive form of conditioning.”

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Unclaimed Fate: Why Do Some Lottery Players Not Check To See If They Won?

Evan Lambert

Often, it's mere apathy or forgetfulness. But there are some players who never intend to check their tickets in the first place.

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Jackpocket’s Surge In iCasino Revenue Sparks Interest

Erik Gibbs

Online lottery courier Jackpocket's exponential iCasino growth will signal new trends in the online gambling ecosystem.

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Math Professor Calculates Jackpot ‘+EV’ Point — And It’s Way Beyond The All-Time Record

Eric Raskin

USC professor was compelled to consider the problem more carefully and devise a formula that could best approximate where the +EV point lies.

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What’s More Likely: The Perfect March Madness Bracket Or Winning The Lottery?

Christian Holmes

Which extreme longshot gives the average person their best chance of experiencing one shining moment as a gambler?

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British Survey Says Lottery Most Popular Form Of Gambling — By Far

Eric Raskin

While 48% of respondents said they’d gambled, that number plummeted to 27% when excluding those who had only gambled via draw lottery tickets.

draftkings jackpocket acquisition

What Does DraftKings’ Entry Mean For The Future of iLottery?

Brett Smiley

Boston-based DraftKings Inc. has reigned in the U.S. since 2018 as a market leader in legal online sports betting and ...