Rhode Island (RI) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

Latest Results & Jackpot Amounts Rhode Island Draw Games

Do you have dreams of hitting it big and winning the lottery? Maybe you have debts to pay off, want to get on the housing market, or simply want to get away on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Whatever your reasons for wanting to win, the state lottery could be your ticket. 

From the iconic scratch-offs to the pulse-pounding jackpot moments, our journey delves into the heartwarming stories that make the Rhode Island State Lotto an exhilarating adventure for all. Get ready to dive into the fun and fortunes that define the State Lotto experience in the charming state of Rhode Island!


Multi-State (US)-Powerball
Multi-State (US)-Powerball
  • 6
  • 33
  • 35
  • 36
  • 24 PowerBall
  • 3 PowerPlay
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Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
  • 46
  • 54
  • 56
  • 67
  • 16 Mega Ball
  • 3 Megaplier
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Rhode Island Lottery Draw Games & Sales Stop

Game Name Sales Stop Game Name Sales Stop
The Numbers 1:20 p.m & 6:50 p.m Wild Money 6:50 p.m
Mega Millions 9:50 p.m PowerBall 9:50 p.m
Lucky For Life 9:30 p.m    

Drawing Schedules

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
The Numbers 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m 1:30 p.m & 7:29 p.m
Wild Money 7:29 p.m 7:29 p.m 7:29 p.m 7:29 p.m 7:29 p.m 7:29 p.m 7:29 p.m
Mega Millions   11:00 p.m     11:00 p.m    
PowerBall 10:59 p.m   10:59 p.m     10:59 p.m  
Lucky For Life 10:30 p.m 10:30 p.m 10:30 p.m 10:30 p.m 10:30 p.m 10:30 p.m 10:30 p.m

Rhode Island Instant Games

Game Name Ticket Price Top Prize
Holiday Doubler $1 $1,000
Holiday Cash $1 $1,000
Pocket Change $1 $500
Baseball $1 $2,000
Pocket Change $1 $500
Double Header $2 $5,000
$2 – 50 Years $2 $5,000
Crossword! 39 $2 $15,000
Merry and Bright $2 $5,000
Frenzy $2 $5,000
Double Header $2 $5,000
$5,000 Cash $2 $5,000
Wild Cherry Crossword $2 $20,000
Rhode Island Loteria $3 $20,000
Classic Bingo $3 $25,000
$5 – 50 Years $5 $30,000
10 Years of Cash $5 $1,000
Holiday Winning 10X $5 $30,000
50X The Money $5 $40,000
Cash Frenzy $5 $30,000
Super Crossword $5 $50,000
Big Cash $5 $30,000
Summer Dream $5 $5,000
5X $5 $30,000
Cash Bonanza $5 $30,000
Rhode Island Super Loteria $5 $40,000
Mountain of Money $5 $30,000
Stocking Stuffers $5 $30,000
Patriots $5 $25,000
$30,000 Cash $5 $30,000
Sonic Multiplier $5 $30,000
Money Drop $5 $500
$10-$50 Years $10 $50,000
Holiday Winfall $10 $500
Extreme Frenzy $10 $50,000
Mega Crossword $10 $75,000
Rhode Island Mega Loteria $10 $60,000
Rhode Island Red $10 $50,000
Green Ca$h Blast $10 $50,000
10X $10 $50,000
Pinball Wizard $10 $100,000
Holiday Blowout $10 $500
Ca$h Bonus $20 $200,000
20X $20 $100,000
Diamond White $20 $100,000
The Next Rhode Island Millionaire $20 $1,000,000
High Roller $25 $250,000
Ultimate Fortune $25 $25,000
Ocean State Riches $30 $500,000
$2 Million Royale $50 $2,000,000

How to Claim Prizes & Claim Centers

Claiming your Rhode Island Lottery prize is a straightforward process that ensures both security and convenience. 

Whether you’re a lucky winner of a smaller prize or a substantial jackpot, here’s a guide to help you navigate the claiming procedures. 

Remember to sign your ticket upon purchase, and in case of mail-in claims, follow the detailed instructions for a seamless experience.

Prize Amount Claim Location Claim Deadline
Less than $600 Rhode Island Lottery Retailer Within 1 year of the drawing
$600 and up Lottery Headquarters, 1425 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, RI 02920 Within 1 year of the drawing date

Mail-in Claim Process

  • Send the winning ticket before the Validation End Date.
  • Include the winning ticket with your signature, complete address, telephone number, copy of valid photo I.D., and Social Security Card or valid document.
  • If you don’t have a Social Security Card, you’ll need to complete the IRS W-9 Form.
  • Use certified mail for security
  • Legible information and contact details are recommended for efficient processing.

About Rhode Island State Lottery

In November 1973, a Constitutional Amendment passed with a whopping three-to-one margin, paving the way for the birth of the Rhode Island Lottery. Fast forward to May 21, 1974, when the curtain lifted on the first-ever game, “The Lot,” and Rhode Islanders eagerly grabbed their tickets.

The State House became the epicenter of anticipation on May 30, 1974, hosting the inaugural drawing that set the stage for over $53 billion in dazzling prizes. But it’s not just about the win! The Rhode Island Lottery has been a powerhouse, churning out over $8.3 billion to fuel the state’s growth.

If you need to get in touch with the Rhode Island Lottery, you can find their contact information below: 

Physical Address Rhode Island Lottery, 1425 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920
Telephone Number 1-401-463-6500
Online Contact Send any comments (but not player support issues) through this contact form.
Self Service Find the Rhode Island FAQ Section here

Tax Information

Aspect Description
State Income Tax on Winnings $600 and above will receive a W-2G tax form. Prizes over $5,000 will be taxed at 5.99%  
Federal Income Tax on Winnings 24% federal taxes withheld.
Payout Options Choose between a single lump sum or a sequence of annuity payments.
Impact of Payout Options Claim lump sum prizes within 60 days of the draw; otherwise, annuity payments will be automatically processed.

Lottery News


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Pinball Magic Delight

Benjamin Haffner and his wife, seeking solace at Gator’s Pub in Manville, turned a bad day around with “Pinball Wizard” Instant Tickets. A scratch revealed a $100,000 win, sparking plans for a new home and starting a family. The bartender’s playful distraction led to a life-changing jackpot!

Millionaire’s Pit Stop

An Exeter man struck gold at Stop & Shop, winning $1 million with “The Next Rhode Island Millionaire” Instant Ticket. Contemplating a stylish upgrade, he considers investing in a shiny new truck with his newfound fortune. It seems the grocery run turned into a millionaire’s shopping spree!

Wild Cash Surprise

Luck found its way to a Providence resident at Stop & Shop, where a $30,000 windfall unfolded from a “Wild Cash” Instant Ticket. A routine shopping trip turned thrilling as she uncovered the unexpected treasure, adding a delightful twist to her day.

PowerBall Serendipity

Charles Scott Jr. of Warwick went from thinking he won $500 to claiming a $1 million PowerBall® prize. A reminder call from his wife led him to Conimicut Liquors, where he unknowingly purchased a life-changing ticket. Stunned but elated, he plans to buy a new vehicle and share the joy with his wife, all thanks to a serendipitous stop for a lottery ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to claim lottery winnings in Rhode Island?

Winners have a window of opportunity to claim their prizes in Rhode Island. Prizes, excluding Instant Games prizes, should be claimed within one year from the drawing date. However, when it comes to Instant Games, winners have the same one-year timeframe, but it commences from the officially announced end of the game. This thoughtful time frame ensures that those who strike luck in various Rhode Island Lottery games have ample time to come forward and turn their winning tickets into exciting rewards. It adds a layer of convenience for players to savor their victory within a reasonable time frame.

What do you need to claim a prize?

Winning tickets must be signed on the back in order to prove ownership. For mail-in claims, you must provide a winning ticket (with a signature), complete address, telephone number, copy of valid government-issued photo ID, and a copy of the Social Security Card or valid document containing the Social Security Number.

Can a minor play the Rhode Island State Lottery?

Nope, in order to comply with gambling laws, you have to wait until you’re over 18 in order to play the state lottery or redeem a ticket.

Can winners remain anonymous in Rhode Island?

It’s a little bit complicated. While the state will do all that it can to keep your identity anonymous if you request it of them, winners’ information is considered public record and therefore must be disclosed as required by law. 

Where can you buy a lottery ticket?

Lottery tickets can be purchased at various retailers, including convenience stores, grocery stores, and other authorized Rhode Island Lottery retailers.