New Jersey (NJ) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

Have you tried your hand at one of the New Jersey Lottery games but missed the draw? Don’t let that minor mishap keep you from possibly claiming a tremendous prize!

We bring you the latest results from every draw. Keep an eye on this page to stay up to date on the winning numbers and see if you’re a winner!

Latest Results & Jackpot Amounts New Jersey Draw Games 

Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
  • 46
  • 54
  • 56
  • 67
  • 16 Mega Ball
  • 3 Megaplier
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New Jersey Lottery Draw Games & Sales Stop

Pick 3 with Fireball Powerball Double Play
Pick 4 with Fireball Mega Millions with Megaplier
Jersey Cash 5 with Xtra Cash4Life with doubler
Pick 6 with Double Play  

Drawing Schedules 

  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Powerball Double Play 10:59 PM   10:59 PM     10:59 PM  
Mega Millions with Megaplier   11:00 PM     11:00PM    
Cash4Life with doubler 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM
Pick 6 with Double Play 10:57 PM     10:57 PM      
Jersey Cash 5 with Xtra 10:57 PM 10:57 PM 10:57 PM 10:57 PM 10:57 PM 10:57 PM 10:57 PM
Pick 4 with Fireball 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM
Pick 3 with Fireball 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM 12:59 PM10:57 PM

New Jersey Scratch Off Games 

Below you will find a list of active New Jersey scratch off games and their respective top prizes.

Game Name Price Top Prize
9’s in a line $5 $200,000
Colossal Crossword $30 $600,000
Big Money Spectacular $2 $30,000
Winter Winnings $10 $500,000
Merry Money Multiplier $2 $10,000
Peppermint Payout x20 $5 $100,000
Loteria $3 $30,000
Plus the Money $5 $200,000
$500 Frenzy $5 $200,000
Loose Change $1 $500
Wild Cash $2 $10,000
Win for Life $3 $5,000 a month for life
10X Bingo Multiplier $5 $100,000
Gnome for the Holidays $1 $500
Crossword Bonanza $20 $400,000
High Card Poker $5 $150,000
Super Crossword $5 $50,000
Mystery Multiplier $2 $10,000
Cash Blast $10 $500
Red 7’s Doubler $5 $200,000
$100,000 Lucky Bingo $5 $100,000
The Jersey Debate $5 $200,000
The Bigger Spin $10 $300,000
Cash Climb $2 $10,000
Lady luck 7’s $5 $200,000

How to Claim Prizes & Claim Centers

Have you won a lottery prize and are ready to claim it? First off, congratulations! Now, let’s get into how to claim your winnings. The State of New Jersey has made it super easy to claim prizes through four available channels. 

Before you do anything, the first step is to grab a pen and write the following information on the back of your ticket. 

  • Full name and surname
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Signature

If your prize is $599 or less, head to your nearest retailer to claim your cash prize immediately. For prizes larger than $599, complete a claim form and submit your claim using one of the methods below.

By Mail NEW JERSEY LOTTERYAttn: ValidationsP.O. Box 041Trenton NJ 08625-0041 
New Jersey Headquarters Lawrence Park Complex1333 Brunswick Avenue CircleTrenton, NJ 08648 

For prizes over $2,500 players may contact 1-800-222-0996 to request an appointment. 

On average, claims take around six weeks to process, but may take longer. Ensure that you’ve completed the forms correctly and submitted all required paperwork to help speed the process along.

While the New Jersey Lottery allows winners to remain anonymous, they MUST present a valid form of identification upon claiming prizes. This requirement is to ensure that all winners adhere to the taxation requirements. 

About New Jersey Lottery

Since its inception in 1970, the New Jersey Lottery has paid out over $42 billion in prizes. The state has also received a contribution of over $28 billion. These funds go toward protecting the retirement benefits of the state’s civil servants.

New Jersey doesn’t currently have an iLottery available. Players may, however, use the dedicated app for iOS and Android devices to create ePlayslips. Select your favorite numbers and present the unique barcode along with payment to your NJ Lottery retailer. Players can also use the app to play the latest scratch games, check draw results, and scan your ticket to see if you’ve won. 

Should you need any further assistance or information about games, please contact the New Jersey Lottery at the information below.

Customer Service 1-800-222-0996
Physical Address Lawrence Park Complex1333 Brunswick Avenue CircleTrenton, NJ 08648 
Frequently Asked Questions 

New Jersey Tax Information 

Aspect Description
State Income Tax on Winnings New Jersey charges a state tax of 5% on all prizes over $10,000. At $500,000, that rate increases to 8%.
Federal Income Tax on Winnings The New Jersey Lottery is required to withhold 24% of all winnings over $5,000 for Federal tax.
Non-US Citizens Tax Rate Non-US citizens must pay a Federal tax of 30% on all winnings over $600.
Tax Bracket Consideration Winning a large prize may put you into a higher tax bracket, possibly as high as 37%.
Payout Options Winners have the choice between receiving their prizes as an annuity (installments spread over years) or a once off lump sum.
Impact of Payout Options Receiving a lump sum payment could put the winner in a significantly higher income tax bracket for that year. This means one big tax payment. Annuity payments, however, put the winner in a slightly higher income tax bracket spread over the period of receiving the installments. This means smaller tax payments over this period.

Lottery News 

History of Largest New Jersey Lottery Prior Winners

Largest jackpot in NJ history!

Richard Wahl won a staggering $533 million when playing Mega Millions with just $2! He opted for the lump sum payment and received $175 million after taxes. The lucky winner relocated to Florida after claiming his prize.

A dream that paid off

In 2016, Pearlie Mae Smith bought two tickets for different games and gave them each a Power Play boost. The $6 purchase resulted in a jackpot of $429.6 million. Ms. Smith revealed she had no strategy for selecting the numbers. Rather, she saw them in a dream. 

The Smith family were the sole winners of the draw and received a lump sum payment of $204,480,000 after taxes.

Random stop, big win

John and Sandy Belawsky stopped to buy a newspaper and some lottery tickets and won big! They held one of four winning jackpot tickets in 2007. After taxes, the retirees received $48,615,187 before taxes as a lump sum. 

From grocery store owner to millionaire

Pedro Quezada won $338.3 million playing Powerball. As an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, the father of five received $152 million after taxes. His days of operating the grocery store are long gone and his first purchase with his winnings was a “good car”.

Ocean’s 16 win

Sixteen vehicle maintenance employees from Ocean County became overnight millionaires with 2 out of 3 winning lottery tickets. After taxes, each member of the group walked away with $3.8 million. After the devastating damages and loss caused by Hurricane Sandy, this payout came at just the right time. Many members of the winning group were victims of this tragedy, the money gave them the opportunity to buy new homes and help their families recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline on claiming prizes?

Yes, there is. All tickets for draw games are valid for one year after the original draw date. If you hold a winning ticket, you must claim it within this one-year period.

What is the age requirement to play the NJ Lottery?

As with all gambling activity in New Jersey, players must be 18 years or older to take part. 

Are winnings taxable?

Yes. When winning more than $10,000, you’ll incur state tax costs. Federal tax kicks in on winnings over $5,000.

Is it possible to remain anonymous in New Jersey?

In order to claim your prize, you must provide your full legal name and proof of identity for tax purposes. But it is permitted to remain anonymous in the media and public.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

The best way to safeguard against losing your ticket is to write all your information on the back and sign it immediately after buying. If you lose your ticket, report it to the NJ Lottery for swift assistance from the team.

Where can I purchase lottery tickets in New Jersey?

You may purchase a New Jersey Lottery ticket at any of the participating retailers near you