Michigan (MI) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

In the heart of the Great Lakes region, the Michigan Lottery was established in 1972 and serves as a key form of entertainment in the state. It’s not just about the thrill of potentially winning big; it’s about the positive impact on Michigan’s public schools.

The Michigan Lottery offers a variety of games, including Mega Millions, Powerball, and numerous state-specific games, each designed to provide exciting opportunities for players while contributing to the state’s educational system.

Michigan residents can choose from a range of lottery options, including draw games with large jackpots, instant scratch-off tickets, and fast-paced daily games. The minimum age for participation is 18, emphasizing responsible gaming.

The Michigan Lottery is more than just a chance to win; it’s an investment in the state’s future. A significant portion of revenue dedicated to supporting public education, ensuring that each ticket sold contributes to the betterment of Michigan communities.

Latest Results & Jackpot Amounts Michigan Draw Games (API Embed)


Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
  • 46
  • 54
  • 56
  • 67
  • 16 Mega Ball
  • 3 Megaplier
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Michigan Lottery Draw Games & Sales Stop

Michigan Lottery Game Draw Days Draw Times (ET) Sales Stop Times (ET)
Powerball Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10:59 PM 9:45 PM
Mega Millions Tuesday & Friday 11:00 PM 10:45 PM
Lucky for Life Daily 10:38 PM 9:04 PM
Lotto 47 Wednesday & Saturday 7:29 PM 7:08 PM
Keno Every day 7:29 PM 10:40 PM
Fantasy 5 Every day 7:29 PM 7:08 PM
Daily 3 Midday Every day 12:59 PM 12:39 PM
Daily 3 Evening Every day 7:29 PM 7:08 PM
Daily 4 Midday Every day 12:59 PM 12:39 PM
Daily 4 Evening Every day 7:29 PM 7:08 PM

Michigan Scratch Off Games

The Michigan Lottery offers a number of scratch-off games, each with its unique theme and prize structure. From high-value tickets like the “$300,000,000 Diamond Riches,” offering a large top prize of $6 million, to more accessible options like the “Loose Change” game with a top prize of $50,000.

Our table below provides an overview of some of these exciting games, highlighting key details like ticket prices, game names, and the top prizes available.

Ticket Price Game Name Top Prize Amount
$30 $150 Ca$h Explosion Top Prizes Unavailable
$20 Hit the Jackpot Top Prizes Unavailable
$1 Loose Change $50,000
$10 Ruby Mine $1,000,000
$20 Millionaire Wild Time Top Prizes Unavailable
$20 $50,000,000 Cash Blowout! $2,000,000
$30 Ultimate Millions Top Prizes Unavailable
$20 $2,000,000 Frenzy Multiplier $2,000,000
$5 $300,000 Winter Spectacular $300,000
$10 Winning Millions Top Prizes Unavailable
$50 $300,000,000 Diamond Riches $6,000,000
$10 $1,000 Large Scratch Off $1,000,000
$5 $500 Large Scratch Off $500,000
$2 Triple Win Scratch Off $50,000

How to Claim Prizes & Claim Centers

Claiming prizes won from the Michigan Lottery depends on the amount won and whether or not the game was played online. Prizes of up to $600 won playing the Michigan Lottery online will automatically be paid into the winner’s online account. Players can withdraw as little as $10 from their account at any time or use their balance to purchase additional tickets.

Those who win prizes from $600 to less than $100,000 must complete an online claim by logging into their account and selecting “Tax Reported Prizes” from the menu, and completing the entire process. Players also must submit copies of their Social Security card and a government-issued photo ID. After the claim is approved, the prize will be paid into the player’s online account. 

Lucky players who win over $100,000 must claim their prizes in person at Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing but must first complete the online claim form. The Lottery will follow up with an email instructing winners to call Player Relations at (844) 887-6836 to schedule an appointment. Players must provide their Social Security card and government-issued photo ID to receive their winnings.  

Players who purchased their winning ticket at a Michigan Lottery retailer can have their tickets validated and pick up prizes up to $600. However, some stores have limits on how much cash they will have available, so winners may have to wait until a later date to claim their prize. 

Prizes of up to $100,000 can also be claimed by mail. Players must complete a Ticket Receipt form and include it along with the signed ticket, a copy of their Social Security card, and a copy of their photo ID. All claims should be sent to the address for Lottery headquarters at the Lansing Claim Center.

Players who win a prize from the Michigan Lottery have up to one year from the drawing date to claim their funds. If they win playing a game with the option to take the cash value or annuity payments, players have 60 days to make their claim if they prefer the cash option, otherwise, they must receive the annuity.

Michigan Lottery headquarters is located at the claim center in Lansing. Winners can claim prizes in person at any of these regional offices located throughout the state:

Lansing Claim Center

101 E. Hillsdale Street
P.O. Box 30023
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-335-5600
Fax: 517-335-5644

Livonia Claim Center

33231 Plymouth Rd.
Livonia, MI 48150
Phone: 734-266-3769
Fax: 734-266-3778

Sterling Heights Claim Center

34700 Dequindre Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
Phone: 586-939-2300
Fax: 586-939-4108

Detroit Claim Center

Cadillac Place
3060 W. Grand Boulevard
Suite L-600
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-456-4040
Fax: 313-456-4045

Grand Rapids Claim Center

3391-B Plainfield Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Phone: 616-364-3372
Fax: 616-364-5421

Saginaw Claim Center

Jerome T. Hart State Office Building
411 E. Genesee Avenue
Saginaw, MI 48607
Phone: 989-758-1670
Fax: 989-758-1881

About the Michigan Lottery 

The Michigan Lottery was established in 1972 with the launch of its Green Ticket game, offering weekly drawings for $0.50 per play. Instant tickets were introduced in 1975, and the first numbers draw game, Daily 3, was introduced in 1977. After the Daily 4 draw game was added in 1981, the Michigan Lotto began in 1984. The Big Game, known today as Mega Millions, was launched in 1996 in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia.

Anyone 18 or older can purchase tickets online or at Lottery retailers in Michigan. Players can buy hundreds of virtual scratch-off tickets online and play in eight different draw games, including Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball multi-state drawings. To date, the Michigan Lottery has contributed more than $26 billion to benefit public education.

Players have several options to contact the Michigan Lottery. They can use the Live Chat option at the MichiganLottery.com site or call customer support directly at (844) 887-6836. Users can also send an email to emailus.MichiganLottery.com/support/tickets/new. They can also visit any Michigan Lottery regional office.

The Michigan Lottery mobile app is available for download on iOS or Android devices at the App Store and Google Play Store. Players can quickly check the latest winning numbers and use the app’s Ticket Checker option to check the status of printed tickets. Users can also use the Generator feature to select random lottery numbers to play in upcoming draws.

Tax Information

Aspect Description
Tax on Winnings up to $600 No tax deductions in Michigan for prizes up to $600.
Tax on Winnings $600.01 to $5,000 No tax owed, but winnings must be reported. A claim form and W-2G form are required for tax returns.
Tax on Winnings Above $5,000 Subject to both federal and state tax. Federal withholding starts at 24%, but large jackpots may lead to the top federal tax bracket of 37%. State tax withheld at 4.25%.
Non-U.S. Residents Tax Rate Subject to a 30% federal tax withholding on Michigan Lottery prizes.
Reporting Requirements Lottery Clubs must submit a separate form for tax requirements.

History of Largest Michigan Lottery Prior Winners

  1. The biggest prize won in Michigan Lottery history was on January 22, 2021, when the Wolverine FLL Club of Oakland County used a Mega Millions Quick Pick to match all six numbers and the Mega Ball to win the $1.05 billion jackpot. It’s the third-largest lottery jackpot in US history, with the four winners opting for the lump sum payment of $776 million. 
  2. Donald Lawson of Lapeer won the third-largest jackpot in Michigan history when he hit the Powerball jackpot for $337 million on August 15, 2002. He chose to receive a cash lump sum payment of $224.6 million. 
  3. Julie Leach of Three Rivers was the winner of a $310 million Powerball jackpot on September 30, 2015, choosing to take the cash option of $197.4 million. 
  4. A couple from Port Huron, Ralph and Mary Stebbins, won the Mega Millions jackpot for $208 million and elected to take their winnings in a lump sum of $124.7 million.
  5. Larry Ross of Shelby Township won half of what was the biggest lottery win in US history at the time after hitting The Big Game jackpot worth $181 million. Ross opted for the lump sum payment of about $61 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase tickets?

Michigan Lottery players can purchase tickets at any of the 10,500 retailers throughout the state or online at MichiganLottery.com.  

Are lottery winnings taxable?

Michigan Lottery winnings are taxable under state law, similar to winnings at casinos and sportsbooks, at a rate of 4.25%. Federal taxes on Lottery winnings in Michigan can range as high as 37%, depending on the amount won.

How long does it take to receive winnings?

Wait times for withdrawals vary and can take up to two business days to be processed. Once approved by the Michigan Lottery, withdrawals can take up to ten business days, depending on the payment method used. 

How can I find out if I have a winning ticket?

Players can check the status of tickets by scanning them at any Michigan Lottery retailer. They can also use the Ticket Checker feature on the mobile app to see if their ticket is a winner.

What’s the minimum age to play the Michigan Lottery?

Michigan law requires that individuals be at least 18 to purchase Lottery game tickets. 

Can I use a Quick Pick to choose my lottery numbers?

Yes. The Quick-Pick option is available for Michigan Lottery draw games, whether purchasing tickets from a retailer or using the mobile app.