Pennsylvania (PA) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

Did you miss the draw? Whether you play Pick 2, 3, 4, or 5, Mega Millions, PowerBall, or any other, we have the results for you. 

Don’t miss out on what could be a life changing win! Just remember to write your details on the back of your ticket and keep it in a safe place. Browse the lists below for the latest lotto results.

Latest Results & Jackpot Amounts Pennsylvania State Draw


Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
  • 46
  • 54
  • 56
  • 67
  • 16 Mega Ball
  • 3 Megaplier
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Pennsylvania Lottery Draw Games & Sales Stop

Pick 2 Cash4Life
Pick 3 Treasure Hunt
Pick 4 Powerball
Pick 5 Mega Millions
Match 6 Millionaire Raffle
Cash 5 Wild Ball

Drawing Schedules

  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Pick 2 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM
Pick 3 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM
Pick 4 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM
Pick 5 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM
Wild Ball 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM 1:35PM6:59PM
Cash4Life 8:59 PM 8:59 PM 8:59 PM 8:59 PM 8:59 PM 8:59 PM 8:59 PM
Cash5 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM
Match6 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM 6:59 PM
MegaMillions   11:00 PM     11:00 PM    
Powerball 10:59 PM   10:59 PM     10:59 PM  
Treasure Hunt 1:35 PM 1:35 PM 1:35 PM 1:35 PM 1:35 PM 1:35 PM 1:35 PM

State Scratch Off Games

Game Name Ticket Price Top Prizes
Ho Ho Holiday 100X $30 $3,000,000
$500,000 Merry-mint $10 $500,000
Bah, Humbucks $3 $50,000
Monster Multiplier $1 $1,300
Win+ Win+ Win+ $10 $11,000,000
Santa’s Cash Drop Doubler $5 $200,000
Cloud 9 Bingo $5 $200,000
Jingle Buck $1 $5,000
Spooky Season $2 $13,000
Double Your Dollars $3 $50,000
Cash Payout $2 $20,000
Twinkles and Tangled $2 $25,000
$1 Million Money Tree $20 $1,000,000
Make Me Witch $5 $100,000
Doggy Dough and Kitty Cash $5 $200,000
Big Money Millionaire $20 $1,000,000
Match3 Tripler $5 $200,000
Watts of Cash $5 $200,000
Queen of Moms $5 $100,000
Millionaire Maker $20 $1,000,000
King of Dads $5 $100,000
Electric 8s $2 $18,000
Fast Loot $1 $5,000
Game of Life $10 $1,000
Feeling Lucky $10 $500,000

How to Claim Prizes & Claim Centers

You’ve won a prize, now how do you claim it? First, be sure to write your full name, address, phone number, and signature at the back of your ticket.

For claims over $600, you must complete a PA Lottery Claim Form obtained online or from an area office. To claim prizes up to $2,500, head to a Lottery retailer for an immediate payout. Select between cash, check, or money order.

If your prize is larger than $2,500, mail the completed Claim Form to the Lottery along with the signed ticket. Just remember to keep a copy of the form. Alternatively, claim your prize in person from the Lottery Area Office between 9:00AM and 16:00PM. To locate an office near you, contact 1-800-692-7481.

Please note that you must collect certain prizes from the Lottery Headquarters. The required information is below.

Address (Please note that the office is not typically open to the public) Lottery Headquarters1200 Fulling Mill Rd #1MiddletownPA 17057
Contact number 1-800-692-7481
Prizes to collect Annuity top or second level prize in Cash4LifePowerballMega Millions jackpot or top prizeAnnuity prize won from a Scratch-Off game 

About Pennsylvania Lottery 

Though established in 1971, the PA Lottery premiered their 50-cent ticket in 1972. It featured weekly draws for the grand prize of $1 million. All funds generated go toward supporting state-funded programs for older PA residents. 

Following the gambling expansion bill allowing online lottery sales, the PA iLottery was launched in June 2018. With this platform, players can play their favorite online Lottery games from all compatible devices.

Should you have questions about a particular game or claiming a prize, please try the contact information below.

Retailer  Help line: 1-800-692-7481 (Mon–Fri: 8AM–4PM)
iLottery email:
Help line: 1-833-530-7529 (24/7)

The PA Lottery has an official mobile App for Android devices. Players can no longer find the App on Google Play, but is available at iPhone users can find the App in the Apple store.

Tax Information

Aspect Description
State Income Tax on Winnings Pennsylvania imposes a 3.07% personal income tax under state law on winnings over $600.
Federal Income Tax on Winnings Federal tax of 24% applies to Lottery winnings over $600.
Non-US Citizens Tax Rate Non-US citizens are not liable to pay taxes on Lottery winnings.
Tax Bracket Consideration For prizes over $5,00, PA Lottery withholds 24% of the funds for Federal tax and 3.07% for state tax.
Payout Options Opt for a lump sum (one-time taxable amount) or annuity (taxed annual installments).
Impact of Payout Options Lump sum payments could put players in a higher income tax bracket for that year. Annuity payments have lower taxes, putting players in a lower bracket.

Lottery News 

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History of Largest Pennsylvania Lottery Winners

Five-member group wins Mega Millions jackpot

Known as the largest jackpot ever won went to a group of five players from small communities in eastern PA. The winning Quick Pick ticket, bought at a 7-Eleven in Bucks County, matched all numbers drawn as well as the Mega Ball. 

The jackpot total came to $516 million, but after taxes the group received $254,233,980. The group formed a trust into which the PA Lottery paid the money for even distribution. 

Lunch break Millions

Did you ever think a lunch break newsstand stop could cause winning millions? That’s exactly what happened to a group of SEPTA employees. In 2012, the group put money into the office Lottery pool and purchased 120 Quick Pick PowerBall tickets.

The group won a jackpot of $107.5 million and opted for a cash payment to be split among all pool contributors.

The drive-by win

Steven Peloquin from Virginia was passing through Pennsylvania and bought a MegaMillions ticket on one of his stops. The winning ticket resulted in a $91.1 million payout. 

How’s that for perfect timing?

Building generational wealth

In 2003, Scott and Marian Calligan won a whopping $73.7 million when playing PowerBall. The couple took a cash payment of which the bulk of the money went to a family trust. They also allocated a chunk of their winnings to charitable giving.

Largest iLottery prize

A lucky player from Middletown hit the big time with the largest PA iLottery payout to date. When playing Cash Buster Extreme, the anonymous individual won $300,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to try your hand at an exciting Pennsylvania Lottery game but still have some questions? We’ve compiled a list of common queries and answers to provide the clarity you need.

Is it possible to remain anonymous in Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately not. To assure the public that PA Lottery winners are real people, full anonymity is not permitted. The PA Lottery only releases certain details, so some level of anonymity is possible. Winners may share their story at their own discretion. 

Are my PA Lottery winnings taxable?

Yes, winning Lottery tickets in PA are taxable. For prizes over $600, you’ll receive a W-2G form. Should your prize be larger than $5,000, the PA Lottery withholds the minimum amount to cover taxes. 

In compliance with gambling regulations, PA Lottery players must be older than 18. Please note that no outlets will sell tickets to anyone under this age requirement. 

Is there a time limit to collect Lottery winnings in PA?

It’s always best to claim prizes as soon as possible. If you cannot, the general expiration in Pennsylvania is one year from specific dates. It’s recommended to check the back of your ticket for terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

What do I do if I’ve lost my lottery ticket?

Unfortunately, if you’ve lost your ticket, PA Lottery is not responsible and there is nothing that can be done. It’s always best to write your full name, address, phone number and signature, on the back of the ticket in ink. Remember that the PA Lottery considers the ticket holder to be the legal owner. 

Where can I buy a Lottery ticket?

You can purchase a Lottery ticket at retailers across the state, this includes convenience stores, kiosks, and newsstands. You can also buy iLottery tickets online.