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All In On 50/50s: Lotteries, Basically, Without Government Oversight

Christian Holmes

If an organization wants to run a raffle legally, it must do some research. There are many limitations. Every state has its own rules.

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Is This The Greatest Lottery Ad of All Time? Hey, You Never Know

Bill Dettloff

Business boomed under the Ralph Buckley-led advertising campaign. Inevitably, there were detractors, including the governor.

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Full Of Hope: Lottery Scholarship Dollars Have Reshaped The College Landscape In Georgia

Mike Tierney

Georgia is the rare state where all lottery proceeds are channeled toward schooling — primarily in the form of the HOPE college scholarship.

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The 5 Best Lottery Ads From Around The World

Evan Lambert

Over the years, several clever lottery ad campaigns have managed to stand out. Here are our picks for the cream of the crop.

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Plot Points: More Than 20 Years Later, Does The ‘Friends’ Episode ‘The One With The Lottery’ Hold Up?

Evan Lambert

You can feel the passage of time watching an episode like 2003’s “The One with the Lottery,” which feels just ... so 2003.

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Diving Into The Lottery ‘Pools’ Feature With Jackpocket CEO Peter Sullivan

Christian Holmes

"With Jackpocket Pools, we play all roles: organizer, manager, winnings coordinator, and more," said CEO Peter Sullivan.

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Sources: Mega Millions Poised To Make Dramatic Ticket Price Increase From $2 To $5

Brett Smiley

It's about as close to a done deal as it can be, while one economist says, "what this will all boil down to is a question of price elasticity."

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Game Developer EQL Making Moves In iLottery Following Atypical Entry Into The Space

Bill Dettloff

“I didn’t start in this business as a lottery guy — I started as a horse-racing guy and became a lottery guy,” said EQL's Brad Cummings.

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Lottery Scams: How To Spot Them, How To Avoid Falling For Them

Christian Holmes

"For the love of all things good," a cybersecurity expert said, "please set up two-factor authorization on all your accounts."

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The Lotto Matrix: Alabama Gambling Bill Goes To Conference Committee, Colorado Lottery Hires New Player Health Manager, More

Christian Holmes

“If one thing has been made clear throughout this process, it’s that the people of Alabama want and deserve an opportunity to vote on this issue.”

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