Texas (TX) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

The Texas Lottery was first established in 1992 and has become a crucial component of the state’s revenue system. As a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association, Texas offers nationally recognized games like Powerball and Mega Millions, allowing residents to participate in some of the largest jackpot drawings in the country.

Additionally, the Texas Lottery features a variety of state-specific games, including Texas Two Step and Lotto Texas, which have become favorites among local players for their exciting gameplay and substantial prizes.

Texans must be at least 18 years old to purchase lottery tickets, ensuring responsible play across the state. The Texas Lottery prides itself on its commitment to ethical gaming practices and its contributions to the state’s funding for public education and veterans.

With a range of games from instant scratch-off tickets to daily and bi-weekly drawings, the Texas Lottery offers numerous opportunities for entertainment and potential winnings, while simultaneously supporting vital state programs.

Latest Results & Jackpot Amounts Texas Draw Games (API Embed)


Multi-State (US)-Powerball
Multi-State (US)-Powerball
  • 6
  • 33
  • 35
  • 36
  • 24 PowerBall
  • 3 PowerPlay
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Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
Multi-State (US)-Mega Millions
  • 46
  • 54
  • 56
  • 67
  • 16 Mega Ball
  • 3 Megaplier
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Texas Lottery Draw Games & Sales Stop

Texas Lottery Game Draw Days Draw Times (CT) Sales Stop Times (CT)
Powerball Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 9:59 PM 9:00 PM
Mega Millions Tuesday, Friday 10:00 PM 9:45 PM
Lotto Texas Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10:12 PM 10:02 PM
Texas Two Step Monday, Thursday 10:12 PM 9:45 PM
Cash Five Monday – Saturday 10:12 PM 9:45 PM (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat) / 10:02 PM
All or Nothing Monday – Saturday 10:00 AM, 12:27 PM, 6:00 PM, 10:12 PM 9:50 AM, 12:17 PM, 5:50 PM, 10:02 PM
Pick 3 Monday – Saturday 10:00 AM, 12:27 PM, 6:00 PM, 10:12 PM 9:50 AM, 12:17 PM, 5:50 PM, 10:02 PM
Daily 4 Monday – Saturday 10:00 AM, 12:27 PM, 6:00 PM, 10:12 PM 9:50 AM, 12:17 AM, 5:50 PM, 10:02 PM
Texas Free Lottery Daily (Weekly on Monday) Daily: 7:30 PM / Weekly: Monday 3:00 PM Daily: 5:30 PM / Weekly: Monday 1:00 PM

Texas Scratch Off Games

In Texas, scratch-off games offer a diverse and exciting range of options for lottery enthusiasts. These games come in various ticket prices, starting as low as $1 and going up to $100, catering to all types of players. Each game boasts its unique top prize amount, with the potential to win anything from a modest $500 to a life-changing $20 million.

The Texas Lottery’s scratch-off collection includes popular games like ‘Loteria Supreme’, ‘Millions Club’, and ‘The Perfect Gift’, each providing a distinct playing experience and the thrill of instant winnings. Whether you’re looking for a quick play or aiming for the big prize, Texas scratch-off games offer something for everyone.

Ticket Price Game Name Top Prize Amount
$100 Loteria Supreme $7,500,000
  $20 Million Supreme $20,000,000
$50 Millions Club $1,000,000
  Cash Royale $1,000,000
$30 Millionaire Maker $1,000,000
  VIP Club $1,000,000
$20 $85,000,000 Explosion $1,000,000
  $1,000,000 Cash Blast $1,000,000
$10 The Perfect Gift $250,000
  Pink Diamonds $250,000
$5 Lucky X10 $100,000
  Wild 7 $100,000
$3 Holiday Loteria $50,000
  30X Cash Blitz Crossword $60,000
$2 Break the Bank $30,000
  20X $30,000
$1 Ju$t 1 Buck $500
  $5,000 Winnings $5,000

How to Claim Prizes & Claim Centers

Texas Lottery winners can claim prizes of $599 or less at retailer locations, which are authorized but not required to pay out prizes. Lottery retailers aren’t mandated to have cash available to pay all claims. Retailers also have the alternative to pay by check or money order. Payments by money order will not have any fees associated when players request winnings.

Players can claim prizes of $599 or less in person at the Texas Lottery Commission Headquarters in Austin. Winners can also claim prizes from $1 up to $5 million by completing a Claim Form online, which must be printed and sent by US Mail. US citizens and residents must also include their Tax ID or Social Security number to claim prizes of $25 or more.

Prizes from $600 to $2.5 million that aren’t paid annually can be claimed at Texas Lottery claim centers in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. Prizes exceeding $5 million, those won playing Lotto Texas, Mega Millions, and Powerball, and prizes paid as an annuity must be claimed at Texas Lottery Headquarters in Austin. Players can also call 800-375-6886 for an initial ticket inquiry and schedule an appointment to process their claim.

Prizes won playing draw games must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing date. Scratch-off ticket prizes can be claimed up to 180 days after the game ends. 

Winners can claim Texas Lottery prizes at any of the following claim centers throughout the state:

Texas Lottery Headquarters

1801 N. Congress Avenue

Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (325) 698-6926


209 S. Danville
Suite C-103
Abilene, TX 79605
Phone: (325) 698-3926


7120 IH-40 West, Suite 110
Park West Office Centre
Amarillo, TX 79106
Phone: (806) 353-0478


6444 Concord Rd.
Beaumont, TX 77708
Phone: (409) 347-0734

Corpus Christi

4639 Corona
Suite 19
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Phone: (361) 853-4793


8700 N. Stemmons Freeway
Suite 140
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 905-4912

El Paso

401 East Franklin Avenue
Suite 150
El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: (915)-834-4920

Fort Worth

4040 Fossil Creek Blvd.
Suite 102
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone: (817) 232-9478


1919 N. Loop W.
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77008
Phone: (713) 869-6451


1202 Del Mar Blvd.
Suite 4
Laredo, TX 78045
Phone: (956) 727-8750


6202 Iola Ave Suite #900A
Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: (806) 783-0602, (806) 783-0613


4501 West Business 83
Suite A2
McAllen, TX 78501
Phone: (956) 630-2278


4682 E. University
Suite 100
Odessa, TX 79762
Phone: (432) 550-6340

San Antonio

4243 E. Piedras Dr.
Suite 106
San Antonio, TX 78228
Phone: (210) 593-0210


3800 Paluxy Drive
Suite 330
Tyler, TX 75703
Phone: (903) 509-9008


2306 Leary Lane
Suite 400
Victoria, TX 77901
Phone: (361) 573-4185

About the Texas Lottery 

The Texas Lottery Commission was established in 1992, with the first game offered to players a scratch-off game called Lone Star Millions, which had an overwhelming response from players. The Texas Lottery expanded to provide multiple scratch-off and draw games, including Pick 3 and Lotto Texas, as well as the Mega Millions and Powerball games since 2003. Proceeds from Lottery sales help fund various state programs mainly focused on education.

Texas residents 18 or older can purchase lottery tickets online for Texas Lottery draw games and for the biggest lotteries in the US, like Powerball and Mega Millions. Players can either select their favorite numbers or use the Quick Pick option to have the numbers chosen randomly by the system. An email notification is automatically sent once the purchase is completed. Players can also purchase various scratch-off games online.

Texas Lottery players can contact them directly at Lottery Customer Service by calling (800) 375-6886 or the main switchboard at (512) 344-5000. Users can also send an email to customer.service@lottery.state.tx.us. Customers can send inquiries by mail to Texas Lottery Headquarters at 1801 Congress Ave. P.O. Box 16630 Austin, TX 78761-6630.

The official Texas Lottery app is available for players to download for Android and iOS devices, which allows players to purchase lottery and scratch-off tickets. Users can save their lucky numbers, enter promotional drawings, and find the nearest Texas Lottery retailer. Players can also use the app to scan tickets using the barcode on the front to check their status.

Tax Information

Aspect Description
State Income Tax on Winnings Texas does not tax lottery winnings at the state level.
Federal Income Tax on Winnings Lottery winnings over $5,000 are taxed at a federal income tax rate of 24%. This tax rate applies to the amount of prize winnings, minus the ticket cost.
Non-US Citizens Tax Rate Non-US citizens are subject to a federal tax withholding rate of 30% on prizes exceeding $600. This applies unless they meet the Green Card or Substantial Presence test.
Tax Bracket Consideration Winning a large prize may put you into a higher tax bracket, possibly as high as 37%.
Payout Options Winners can choose between a lump sum (taxed at the time of winning) or annuity (annual installments taxed each year).
Impact of Payout Options Lump sum payments may move winners into a higher income tax bracket for the year. Annuity payments spread out taxes and may lead to lower tax rates annually.

History of Largest Texas Lottery Prior Winners

Winning the Texas Lottery is not easy, so when it happens we like to showcase those winning tickets. Let’s feature five of the top winners in Texas Lottery history.

  1. Three winning tickets on February 11, 2015, took one of the biggest lottery prizes in US history, with a ticket split by TL Management Trust of Texas and two other players in North Carolina and Puerto Rico splitting the $564.1 million Powerball prize.
  1. The biggest lottery prize ever won by an individual in Texas was the $277 million jackpot by a player from Leander on September 24, 2019, who chose the Mega Millions cash value option of $157.1 million.
  1. Eiberto Cantu of Abernathy was from Arkansas, working temporarily in Texas, and asked his coworker to stop for a cup of coffee at a gas station, where he purchased a Mega Millions ticket for the March 31, 2017 draw that hit for $177 million.
  1. A $145 million Lotto Texas jackpot was claimed by Alfredo Omelas Barragan, who won $145 million on June 19, 2004, and opted to take the cash prize of $82.6 million.
  1. William Kiefer of Katy won $144 million in the January 29, 2010 Mega Millions drawing, choosing to receive his prize in 29 annual payments for the entire amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remain anonymous in Texas?

Yes. A law passed in 2017 lets Lottery players in Texas who win more than $1 million choose to have their personal details remain private. 

How long do I have to claim winnings?

Texas Lottery prizes won at draw games like Powerball can be claimed up to 180 days after the drawing. Players who win by playing scratch-off games have 180 days after the game ends to claim their prize.

What happens if my ticket is lost?

Unfortunately, players in Texas who lose their winning lottery ticket will forfeit any prize claim. If the prize goes unclaimed, the money goes to fund authorized state programs, such as the Foundation School Fund.

Are the winnings taxable?

Yes. Unlike other states, Texas doesn’t tax lottery winnings. However, all players must pay federal income tax on anything they win, which is usually a fixed rate of 24% on winnings over $5,000.

​​How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at authorized Texas Lottery retailers throughout the state. Additionally, some games may be available for purchase through online platforms that are licensed and authorized by the Texas Lottery.