Multi-State Lottery Association Announces New Leadership, Product Expansions

Erik Gibbs

The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a non-profit organization crucial to the development of multi-jurisdictional lottery games across the U.S., has announced its leadership team and product group chairs for fiscal year 2025. This comes amidst a period of growth for the association, with the launch of a new lottery product and the exploration of additional game categories.

Drew Svitko, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Lottery, takes the helm as MUSL President for the coming year. Svitko brings extensive experience to the role, having previously served as Chair of the Powerball Product Group for the past two years. 

Joining Svitko is Matt Strawn, CEO of the Iowa Lottery, assuming the role of Vice President. Strawn’s leadership is further recognized through his appointment as Chair of the Powerball Product Group. Rebecca Paul, President and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery, will serve as Secretary. 

Rounding out the leadership team is David Barden, CEO of the New Mexico Lottery, who transitions from President to Past President. This will ensure continuity and institutional knowledge within the organization.

Product Innovation Takes Center Stage

MUSL’s commitment to innovation is evident in the establishment of two new product groups over the past year. The Fast Play Product Group, designed to explore and develop fast-paced lottery games, is gearing up for the launch of Jackpot USA this September. MUSL expects this new offering to attract a wider audience seeking a quicker and more exciting lottery experience.

“The national games category has seen exceptional growth in the past two to three years, and it underscores MUSL’s commitment to support member lotteries with new development initiatives. MUSL has established a bold product development timeline with exciting new offerings. Lottery stakeholders should buckle up. It’s going to be another year of ‘foot, gas, go.'” 

Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Lottery and incoming MUSL President Drew Svitko

Recognizing the potential for growth in the “For Life” lottery category, MUSL has also formed the National for Life Product Group. This group will explore new game concepts that expand upon the existing “For Life” offerings. The goal is to provide players with extended payout structures and increased prize opportunities.

Tom Seaver, Director of the Colorado Lottery, will lead this new product group, bringing his expertise to the table.

Strategic Direction and Collaboration

The selection of product group chairs reflects MUSL’s focus on experience and collaboration. Gwen Dean, Director of the New York Lottery, takes on the role of Vice Chair for the Powerball Product Group. Other appointments include Mary Harville, Kentucky Lottery Corporation President and CEO, as Chair of the M2G2 (Mega Millions) Product Group. Mark Furcolo, the Director of the Rhode Island Lottery, will become the Vice Chair.

Helene Keeley, Director of the Delaware Lottery, will lead the Lotto America Product Group. In addition, Lance Gaebe, Director of the North Dakota Lottery, serving as Vice Chair. Brian Rockey, Director of the Nebraska Lottery, takes the helm of the 2by2 Product Group, while Stephen Durrell, Executive Director of the Kansas Lottery, becomes Vice Chair.