Global Online Lottery Market To Grow By Over 50% By 2032, Report Says

Erik Gibbs

A tablet with lottery balls falling out of it

The global online lottery market is experiencing a significant growth phase, and it’s only going to get bigger. With billion-dollar jackpots at stake, it’s no surprise that a new report suggests the global market could increase by over 50% in less than a decade in the online segment.

Projections by indicate an expansion from $11 billion in 2023 to an estimated $17.7 billion by 2032. This growth trajectory, with a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.43% over the forecast period, underscores the increasing popularity of online lottery games and the shift in consumer behavior toward digital platforms.

The convenience and accessibility offered by online lotteries are key factors propelling this market forward. Coupled with technological advancements such as enhanced internet connectivity and the proliferation of smartphones, all signs point to exponential growth.

All regions to experience growth

North America is witnessing a steady rise, with projections indicating a 2.6% growth in 2024. The Asia-Pacific region, known for its dynamic economies, is expected to grow by 4.5%. Europe’s outlook is positive, aiming for a soft landing and sustained recovery.

In addition, Latin America, while experiencing a more moderate increase, is still on an upward trajectory with a 2.0% growth forecast. The Middle East and Africa are also part of this global upswing, contributing to the overall growth narrative.

The global growth rate is projected at 3.1% for 2024. This growth is underpinned by factors such as moderating inflation, resilient economic performances, and strategic fiscal policies. However, it’s important to note that these forecasts are subject to various risks that could influence the actual growth outcomes.

The integration of advanced technologies like virtual and augmented reality can further elevate the online lottery experience, providing users with immersive participation options while ensuring secure transactions through encrypted online payment channels. The market dynamics are also influenced by promotional activities and government initiatives aimed at legalizing online lottery services, which have been instrumental in attracting a broader customer base.

Mega jackpots help fuel response

Among the most popular lotteries, Powerball stands out with its significant revenue contributions. Powerball jackpots, which start at $20 million and can grow quickly between draws, are made possible by the large player pool and the fact that at least $1 from every $2 spent on a ticket goes directly into the prize pot.

The revenue from Powerball not only rewards players but also supports good causes within the states where the game is played, such as education, health services, and environmental initiatives.

Similarly, Mega Millions has made headlines with record jackpots, including a staggering $1.6 billion prize. Approximately 65% of the revenue from Mega Millions ticket sales goes to funding all prizes, while 24% is allocated to funding state-designated causes, and the remaining portion covers operating expenses and retailer commissions.

EuroMillions, a transnational lottery, also contributes to the robust lottery market with its widespread participation across multiple European countries. EuroMillions winnings are funded using revenue from ticket sales, with a portion of the money spent on entering the game allocated to the prize fund.

The remainder is distributed to good causes, government lottery duty, retailer commission, and operating costs. The tax-free nature of EuroMillions prizes in most participating countries further adds to its appeal among players.

The online lottery market’s growth is indicative of a larger trend toward digitalization in the gaming industry. As consumers increasingly seek convenience and security in their gaming experiences, online platforms are well-positioned to meet these demands.