Lotto America To Add Nebraska As 15th State

Erik Gibbs

A large pile of lottery draw balls

Established in 1993, the Nebraska Lottery’s offerings are set to expand following the announcement of the inclusion of Lotto America, according to a press release Friday from the agency.

The cross-jurisdiction game will launch in Nebraska on May 19, introducing Nebraskans to a new rolling jackpot that starts at $2 million. Lotto America, operated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) alongside Powerball and others, is known for its simplicity and favorable odds compared to other multi-state games.

In the standard draw, players select five numbers from a pool of 52 and a “Star Ball” number from a set of 10. The game also features an All-Star Bonus option, which, for an additional dollar per play, can multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to five times.

Lotto America continues U.S. expansion

The game already operates in several states, including Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia. It also recently launched in Mississippi.

Each state has its own set of rules regarding anonymity, taxation, and revenue allocation. However, the core gameplay remains consistent across the participating jurisdictions.

Nebraska will offer the game with the same format as other states. However, it will also include state-specific rules such as the minimum age for participation being 19 (in Arizona, Iowa, and Louisiana, the minimum lottery age is 21). The state also offers the EZ-Match feature, an instant win option that provides additional winning opportunities for players.

For Lotto America jackpot winners, like with other lotteries, there is a choice in how to collect the winnings. Winners can opt for an annuity payment, which is distributed in 30 graduated payments over 29 years, or a lump-sum payment, a one-time payment that is less than the total value of the annuity.

The decision between the annuity and lump-sum payment options depends on the individual. The choice could be influenced, at least in part, by the tax liability. Lottery prizes of more than $5,000 pay state and federal taxes, which the state automatically withholds. The rates are 5% and 24%, respectively.

Nebraska Lottery Players Hit The Jackpot

The Nebraska Lottery has been a source of entertainment for state residents for years. It’s also been a significant source of revenue for state programs. The wide range of games available, such as Powerball and Mega Millions, and local draws like Pick 3, Pick 5, and MyDaY, provide plenty of options.

Nebraska has several stories of recent players winning huge lottery prizes. Last October, according to the Omaha World-Herald, Leland Gohlmann won $1 million after matching five numbers in a Powerball drawing with a quick-pick ticket.

Leland Gohlmann
Leland Gohlmann shown winning the lottery in Nebraska.

The hot streak continued through the end of the year. Someone in Nebraska won $2 million in the Powerball on December 23, according to the Nebraska Lottery.

Most recently, also according to the Omaha World-Herald, Brant Edgington turned a routine store run into million-dollar payday when he decided to purchase Mega Millions tickets. That resulted in a $1 million prize.

Nebraska’s Pick 5 game, which is set to receive enhancements later this summer, has also created numerous winners. With its easy-to-understand format and favorable odds, Pick 5 has become a staple for Nebraskan lottery players. The game’s jackpot starts at a modest amount. However, it can roll over to significant sums, offering players the chance to win big.

MyDaY, unique with its calendar-based format, allows players to select a month, day, and year. Prizes are awarded based on how many of the chosen numbers match the drawn numbers. This game has a top prize of $5,000 and has seen a steady stream of winners since its inception.

Moreover, multi-state games like Powerball and Mega Millions continue to be the heavy hitters in terms of jackpots.