‘Lifetime Millions’ $50 Scratch Ticket Delivers $20K Winner On First Day

Christian Holmes

Someone in Massachusetts went home $20,000 richer on Tuesday thanks to the state’s new “Lifetime Millions” scratch ticket game. The five-figure prize was sold on the very first day of the $50 scratch ticket game’s release by the Massachusetts State Lottery.

“Lifetime Millions” was released on Feb. 6, with a top prize of $1 million yearly for life or a lump sum prize. The scratch-off is the lottery’s second $50 ticket within the last year. The Massachusetts Lottery also released “Billion Dollar Extravaganza,” which was a top-selling scratch ticket. Not just in the state but the country.

So far, players have scooped up four more $20,000 prizes across the state as of early morning Feb. 8. The first $20,000 ticket was sold in Norwood from a shop called Pam’s Market.

Five-figure scores aside, four $5,000 and 22 $1,000 prizes were won in the new lottery game on Tuesday. Some lucky customers were lucky to win one of the 1,000 and 9,500 prizes valued at $500 and $100.

According to the Massachusetts State Lottery, besides its three top prizes available to win $1 million a year for life, “Lifetime Millions” also has four $2 million prizes and 12 $1 million prizes. All winning tickets total $100 or more, and the odds of winning a prize are 1 in 4.1 with an overall 82% prize payout.

Come Super Bowl Sunday, when the lights are shining the brightest, the lottery will be looking to generate even more excitement for “Lifetime Millions” by airing a 15-second primetime commercial. In a “lucky” set of circumstances, the lottery’s organizers hope the comedic commercial featuring the lottery’s version of “Taylor” will help continue the ticket’s encouraging launch.