The Power Of Thought Leads to $112 million Jackpot

Jacob Rebb

Cynthia P. Stafford was down on her luck. Her brother had been killed by a drunk driver and had left behind his five children who needed to be cared for. As such, Cynthia became a single mother overnight, taking in her brother’s children and struggling while struggling to make ends meet.

On top of taking care of her new children, she was taking care of her father, who had not been able to find work for some time. Stafford was not in a good place. Cynthia desperately needed money to make sure that the children who were put under her care and the kind of life they deserved.

The number 112 million

Cynthia, never lost hope. She had been manifesting heavily for herself for almost three years that her luck would change and that she would, specifically, win the lottery. Stafford said that, in 2004, she had seen a number — “112 million” — and that she kept faith in the thought of her winning because of this. Eleven was her favorite number because it represented her birth month of November, and she added two just to round it out.

Stafford thought specifically about this number for years — sleeping with it under her pillow, seeing herself as a lottery winner, and even meditating to attempt to manifest the number that she was convinced would change her life. She bought lottery tickets every month, and in 2007, after buying her normal tickets, she hoped and prayed that this would finally be her time. She had let her father hold onto her tickets, not thinking much of it at the time.

This time, her powers of manifestation had worked. She had not even bothered to check the winning numbers and when they heard that the winning tickets had been sold at a store in their area the Staffords went to check their numbers, and to their astonishment, they had won. The exact amount they had won? $112 million, exactly the number that she had been manifesting for over three years at this point.

Helping herself and helping others

After winning the jackpot, she donated a large amount to charity — over $1 million — and with the rest of the money, she went to work providing for her family as well as herself. She bought her family a new home, as well as buying herself a few new cars, handbags, and other items. She started a film company and even went to work writing a book about the power of manifestation that she ended up publishing.

Stafford also went to work trying to help people. She started a coaching program and did speaking engagements where she tried to motivate people to use the power of prayer and manifestation to acquire the things that they want. She stated that her ultimate goal in starting these programs was to inspire people to be open-minded to learn how the law of attraction can manifest a desire to change a person’s reality — and she still buys lottery tickets weekly to this day.